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How should I perform a patch test?

Hair dyeing products come in a variety of types, including those that involve mixing a cream and a liquid, and those that involve mixing multiple creams; it depends on the product and the manufacturer. Here, we will explain one of the types of patch test we use.
Be sure to read the user instructions and cautions on the box before doing a patch test and before actually using the product.

Preparing for a Patch Test

Box contents

Items you will need

Patch Test Procedures

*Be sure to perform a patch test as per the instructions below two days (48 hours) in advance—every time you dye your hair.

  • Prepare the test mixture
    • Remove the Agent 1 (dye) tube cap and use the spike on the top to puncture a hole in the covering on the tube opening. Pour a pea-sized amount of dye onto the dish.
    • Remove the Agent 2 (developer) bottle cap and use a cotton bud to pour out just enough to create the specified ratio of Agent 1 to Agent 2.
    • Use a cotton bud to mix Agents 1 and 2 thoroughly.
      *Replace the caps securely and store away.
  • Apply the test mixture
    Once the test mixture is ready, use a cotton bud to rub the mixture on the skin of the inside of your arm. Make a thin covering on an area the size of a small coin, and leave to dry naturally. (If the mixture is not dry after 30 minutes, wipe it off lightly using a tissue or similar.)
  • Leave for 48 hours
    • Leave for 48 hours—do not touch during that time.
      *Be sure to leave it for 48 hours—no less.
      *If possible, do not bathe on the day you do the patch test. If you must bathe, take care to avoid wetting or rubbing the patch test area.
    • Be sure to check the patch test area twice: once after 30 minutes and once after 48 hours. If the patch test area shows signs of rash, reddening, itching, blistering, irritation, or other reaction, do not scratch it but wash the area immediately and do not dye your hair. If any of these reactions arise within 48 hours, stop the test immediately, wash the mixture off, and do not dye your hair.
  • If you experience none of the above reactions, you can dye your hair with the product.
    If none of the above reactions occur within 48 hours, dye your hair immediately.
    *Wash the patch test area thoroughly once the test is finished.

Cease use of the product if you get a skin reaction as a result of the patch test.

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