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Can color remake products be used instead of dye for gray hair? What is the difference between color remake products and dye for gray hair?

If a color remake product is used instead of a dye for gray hair, differences and unevenness in color may appear between areas with black and gray hair, so this is not recommended.


  • Gray hair dyes have a bleaching function so that, if you use a gray hair dye on a mixture of partially gray and partially black hair, it will dye all hair the same color. Think of it as dyeing hair that has been bleached first to match the grays.
  • Color remake products need no bleaching function because they are designed to dye lightly colored hair darker. If you use such a dye on a mixture of partially gray and partially black hair, it will dye the gray hair black but will also make the black hair even blacker, creating inconsistencies in color.

Dyeing capacity

Regular gray hair dyes are alkaline, and dye better than acidic or neutral color remake products.
While color remake products will dye your gray hair black, alkaline gray hair dyes have a greater dyeing effect. If you want to make sure your gray hairs are properly dyed, we recommend gray hair dyes. The advantage of color remake products is that their acidity or neutrality damages your hair less.

Gray hair and color remake dyes: See the difference

Gray hair dye colors both gray hair and black hair equally and naturally.
Color remake dye reduces coarsening of hair, and colors bleached hair naturally.

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