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Is it okay to comb my hair after using super hard hairspray, foam or gel?

Super hard hairspray, foam and gel contain a strong setting resin and hold hair in shape more firmly than regular hair grooming products. If you apply the product to a particular spot, or use a large quantity to hold your hair in place, combing your hair might cause solidified resin to flake off in a white powdery residue. You may get white specks in your hair.

Don’t use a comb once your hair has set in shape. If this is likely to be an issue there will usually be instructions on the back of the product, or on the packaging, such as “Do not comb your hair after use”. Check the instructions when you use the product.

When you shampoo your hair, make sure you wash out the high-performance resin thoroughly from your hair. If you don’t, your hair may harden or get tangled.
If the powdery residue is difficult to remove, hold a steaming hot towel against your hair for a short while, then comb it thoroughly with a large-tooth comb, and use shampoo to wash the resin out properly.

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