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I can’t wash the wax out of my hair completely when I shampoo. What should I do?

The main component of wax is oil, so depending on how much you use, it may be difficult to remove with regular shampoo.

How to remove stubborn wax from hair
  1. Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner or treatment to your dry hair, and work it into your hair thoroughly.
  2. You’ll achieve better results when you wash your hair if you comb your hair first with a fine comb once the conditioner is worked into your hair.
  3. Products with a high oil content (typically, hair treatments rather than conditioners) tend to be more effective for washing out wax.
  4. After that, rinse thoroughly, then wash your hair with shampoo as usual. 

However, if you shampoo your hair without first rinsing out the treatment, you won’t be able to remove the wax as effectively. The water you use should be quite warm, so as to soften any hardened wax and make it easier to wash out.

If the above method doesn’t work fully the first time, just repeat the process and you should get better results next time.
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