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There are many types of deodorant products. Which one is best for me?

Using deodorant products effectively

  • You can prevent sweat odors by using a roll-on, stick, cream, spray or deodorant lotion before you go out (or after you return home, after you take a bath, etc.). 
  • While you are out or after exercise, use a wet wipe (easy and effective for wiping away sweat and body odors).
  • To get even better results, we suggest you use a deodorant lotion, roll-on, stick, cream or spray after wiping with a wet wipe.

Key features of different types of deodorant products

  • Spray: Hygienic and fast-drying but adheres to the skin less easily than deodorant lotion, roll-on, stick, or cream.
  • Roll-on/stick/cream: Applied directly to the armpits it readily attaches to the skin and is therefore long-lasting. Less-sticky varieties of deodorant products are available these days, but it can take a little more time to dry compared to other deodorant products.
  • Wet wipes: Convenient for wiping off sweat and grime. Recommended as an easy way to keep skin clean when you are out and about.
  • Lotion: Cool and refreshing feeling when applied. Easily applied to your skin. Lasting deodorant and antiperspirant properties. Recommended if you want to stay comfortable for an extended period of time.

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