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Will using a facial scrub damage my skin?

Facial scrubs are a type of facial cleanser that include a mixture of fine particles that are highly effective at removing dead skin cells, excess sebum and dirt stuck in your pores.

Naturally these products are designed with skin care in mind, so if you use them properly they will not damage your skin. However, excessively vigorous scrubbing may stress your skin. You should lightly massage your face when washing. Do not use the product if you have any cuts or scratches, or suffer from acne, rash, or other conditions.

Close your eyes as you wash so that you don’t get any of the particles or cleanser in your eyes. In the unlikely event you do get something in your eye, rinse your eye thoroughly without rubbing it. If you have symptoms, such as inflammation or a feeling that still you have something in your eye, see an ophthalmologist.
*The above information is included in the usage instructions on the reverse side of the product. Be sure to read these carefully.

Moreover, our facial scrubs do not contain plastic, out of consideration for the environment.
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