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What type of facial cleanser is right for me?

Below is a list of the major types of facial cleanser available in stores.

Type Properties
Cream The most common kind of facial cleanser; often sold in tubes.
Superior usability and foaming; available in many varieties with different skin sensations.
Scrub Mostly cream-based facial cleaners with added scrubbing elements to add an appropriate feel on the skin and sensation of cleaning the face.
Mainly aimed at male consumers.
Liquid (in pump dispenser) Very easy to use: simply press the pump. Foams well but is not as smooth as a cream cleanser nor provides as good a sensation of cleanliness.
Foam (in pump dispenser) A mesh insert in the pump works the cleanser into a soft foam as it comes out. A handy product as it requires no lathering, but the foam does not last long and does not provide as thorough a clean as other cleanser types.
Aerosol Products contain gas, and when the button is pressed, a smooth foam is sprayed out. Handy because they require no lathering and foam is long-lasting, so facial cleansing can be done while ensuring gentleness on skin. Some types are carbonated, and facial cleansing while massaging promotes blood circulation.

All of the above types are sufficient to wash your face.
The differences are in usability (i.e., simplicity and suitability for specific situations), degree and quality of foaming, and the skin sensation after washing. You should make your selection based upon what is most important for you.

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