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Why does my hairspray suddenly stop emitting spray while I am using it?

When you use the product without pressing the button down completely or when you repeatedly spray in short bursts, residual hair-setting resin in the nozzle and inside the button sometimes dries and clogs these parts, preventing you from dispensing the contents. Always press the button all the way down when you use our hairspray.
If you cannot dispense the contents, soak the button in lukewarm water. Doing so may loosen hardened hair-setting resin and eliminate clogging. When you clean the button in lukewarm water, be sure to dry the tip of the canister completely before using the product again.

*Avoid using a needle to pick out clogged product, which could damage the nozzle and render it unusable.
*If you do this and still cannot dispense the product, please contact Mandom Customer Relations Division.

*When cleaning, dip the button section only in lukewarm water and be careful not to soak the can.
*Some products do not require the buttons to be removed when washing. Please check the label.
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