Mandom in Action

These are the initiatives to ensure our customers can use our products safely and with confidence.

Initiatives of the Customer Relations Division

In 1994, we set up a Customer Relations Division as a general contact point for receiving customer feedback.

We value communication with customers. To prevent the misuse of products and ensure safety, as well as provide safe, trustworthy products and services, the Customer Relations Division compiles feedback from customers into a database. Using this database, we share information from customers to related departments and top management through internal meetings so that the information is utilized in product development and in efforts to improve products.

Approach to Product Safety and Reliability

To provide safe cosmetics and assure consumers they are safe to use, Mandom applies safety standards and quality measures that will assure customer satisfaction.

Promotion of Quality Assurance System

Regarding quality assurance for cosmetics and quasi-drugs, Mandom works to assure fully satisfactory quality as demanded by consumers from purchase to end of use. We take measures to improve the quality of our products and services at every stage — planning, design and development, production and shipping.

Environmental Initiatives

It is our sincere hope to instill OYAKUDACHI, a contribution towards a comfortable life, for our consumers, our community, and the preservation of the global environment, through the actions of our business. We have always been environmentally conscious in daily operations at Mandom, and it came into fruition in August 1999, in the form of the establishment of the Mandom Environmental Philosophy and Fundamental Environmental Policy. Also, our Fukusaki Factory set its "Environmental Policy" as shown below in October 1999, which was revised on May 1, 2006. It was certified to ISO 14001 in November 2000.In May 2016, we revised our Environmental Philosophy to strengthen efforts with respect to environmental protection throughout the value chain, corporate response to social demands, and systematic performance improvements. We also set environmental policies and are carrying out environmental activities for three priority areas-products, biodiversity conservation, and the Fukusaki Factory.

Discontinuing the use of plastic microbeads
Mandom Group has decided to discontinue the use of plastic microbeads in rinse-off products.