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Face Lotion(5)

  • Perfect Skin Protector

    GATSBY Perfect Skin Protector

    Fresh-type all-in-one lotion. Protects roughness-prone skin and improves skin condition each time.

    Contents : 150mlparaben free

  • Perfect Skin Lotion

    GATSBY Perfect Skin Lotion

    Improves skin condition each time. All-in-one lotion with beauty lotion/milky lotion/beauty essence effect

    Contents : 150mlparaben free

  • Clear Up Skin Lotion

    GATSBY Clear Up Skin Lotion

    One-action reset, any time, any place! Producing clean-looking skin by instant control of oily shine, dryness or dark pores.

    Contents : 100mlparaben free

  • Skin Care Water  (Quasi-drug)

    GATSBY Skin Care Water (Quasi-drug)

    Creating skin that has good moisture balance with no dryness or stickiness. Water type with fresh moisturizing effect without stickiness.

    Contents : 170mlpreservative-free

  • Acne Care Water  (Quasi-drug)

    GATSBY Acne Care Water (Quasi-drug)

    Bactericide and anti-inflammatory agent prevent acne. Contains powder that absorbs stickiness produced by sebum and makes skin clean.

    Contents : 170mlparaben free