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  • Hair Self Trimming Kit

    GB Hair Self Trimming Kit

    Self-haircut set, easy to use even for a beginner.

    Contents : ---

  • Face Eyebrow Kit

    GB Face Eyebrow Kit

    Men's eyebrow kit containing the minimum essential tools for making eyebrows look great.

    Contents : ---

  • Body Hair Trimmer

    GB Body Hair Trimmer

    “Thin out”, not shave, men’s unwanted hair. “Shortens” and “decreases” body hair on men’s legs, arms, etc. to thin it out.

    Contents : 1

  • Body Hair Removal Foam (Quasi-drug)

    GB Body Hair Removal Foam (Quasi-drug)

    Simple foam hair remover! Wash off by hand. Creamy foam closely sticks to your skin and removes body hair for a silky finish.

    Contents : 80g